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Hector "Heck" Vargas

so necromanic!

18 February 1975
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My name is Hector Vargas, but you can call me Heck if you're a friend. Otherwise, it's Mr. Vargas - particularly if you've got a little problem that needs my attention.

I'm the sole owner of Necrotic Technologies inc, a growing company for all your necromantic needs. Whether you need it put back in the ground, or for it to rise up from the grave to 'live' another day - give us a call! We're in the phone book.

I've currently got four employees:

Rhonda, my secretary - she's a zombie. So when you come into the office, be sure to tell her she looks ravishing and not to mention the blemishes. She's touchy about that. Oh, and DO NOT make the brains joke. It never goes over well.

Charmaine's my kid sister - she's not exactly an employee so much as a loving yet constant pain in my ass. She helps me keep the books, and makes sure I don't get consumed by my side projects - she also makes the best damn cup of coffee ever, which is why we let her in the building. Oh, that, and she's got a mean right hook.

Mister Bones is our doorman/janitor/gopher-guy - he's a skeleton. First one I ever made, back when I was a kid first discovering my powers. You know how it is, you think it'll be really cool to screw with the formula, mess a few words here and there - am I right? Well, anyhow- he's sorta moss green, and he's got one leg shorter on the right side. But we love him anyhow. He's family. And yeah, okay the name is pretty generic - but Christ, I was eight alright? Show some mercy.

Newt is the intern - picked him up from the local college's preternatural studies program. He's a good kid- means well. Not too swift on the uptake yet when it comes to some things, though. I'm not sure he's got what it takes though - for one, the sight of blood makes him all woozy, and the first time he smelled rotting flesh he tossed his cookies. Yeah, he needs a little TLC.